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Mr. Haim Michael has an experience of more than 15 years in software development and lecturing both academic and professional courses about Java, Java EE, Java FX, Java ME, .NET, UML, SysML, SoaML, PHP, JavaScript, Scala, Python, Ajax and many other related technologies.

Mr. Haim Michael lecturing experience includes academic institutions (Open University, HIT, Kibbutzim College and Shenkar), private companies and the army, in which he lectured and developed training material for Mamram\Basmach as part of his military reserve service. 


During the last years Haim Michael focuses on software development platforms for mobile devices such as the android platform. 


Concurrently with his lecturing and consulting during the years, Mr. Michael took part in the development of commercial Java games and applications for mobile telephones and Java EE server side ERP and content delivery systems via Zindell Technologies, the company he founded 14 years ago. Mr. Michael holds an MBA (Information Systems) Graduated Magna cum Laude and BA (Accounting & Economics). Both degrees are from Tel-Aviv University. 


Mr. Michael is well known in Israel as the author of several books about micro economics and information technologies, including "The Israeli Guide to Java SE", "The Israeli Guide to PHP", "The Israeli Guide to C#" and "The Israeli Guide to UML". 


Mr. Michael is also well known as the founder and the developer of abelski, one of the biggest free eLearning web site world wide.


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