Michael Mazyar


Michael Mazyar brings Ruby, Rails, testing frameworks, usability and overall user experience into the equation: Since his first paycheck for a software development job back in 1989, he’s grown with the industry.

At one time or another Michael has done real-time programming, telephony applications, speech recognition and text-to-speech, Windows drivers development, real-time 3D modeling software and much more, and he’s used C/C++, .NET/C# (all versions), Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Win32 API, MFC, ATL, WTL, COM/DCOM, ISAPI, VoiceXML and TAPI.

That’s just off the top of his head. Michael became interested in usability at some point, and designed and developed user interfaces for several large-scale Windows applications.

A couple of years ago, Michael got himself a Mac and he became interested in Internet development (it seems like the two go together nowadays).

Since then, he’s been designing and developing web applications for a living, and all his accumulated knowledge in usability, application design and development finally came together. And he likes it.


The Modern Approach - Using Cloud Computing, Web Wervices and Open-Source Tools to Build your Startup

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